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zo, 2 april 2017 17:26:32

Wow, that's a really clever way of thinking about it!

zo, 2 april 2017 02:35:28

Please teach the rest of these internet hooligans how to write and research!

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za, 1 april 2017 02:24:14

re ,j’ai réussi a me dépatouiller en téléchargeant les différentes librairies manquantes ,j’ai raccordé un module teleinfo à mon uno ,mais je n’ai que les infos suivantes « 0000000000000″ lorsque je consulte la page web du arduino.

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vr, 31 maart 2017 16:44:50

As Charlie Sheen says, this article is "WINNING!"

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vr, 31 maart 2017 10:58:56

Thanks Grace… I’d imagine that spitting is A-OK at baseball games, but probably not appreciated at wrestling matches. Conversely, those scant little Victorian bathing suits they wear in wrestling would probably highly inappropriate at a baseball game. Why does it have to be this complicated!

ma, 27 maart 2017 20:07:46

And what does it say about the American electorate when Romney lies so blatantly, so often - and the race is this close? I hope he doesn't win, but Romney could win. It's that close. What does that say about us?

ma, 27 maart 2017 18:56:15

"Videos being watched now" was an amazing insight into peoples choices around the world... PLEASE RESTORE IT!!!!!!!!!!Does anyone know if you can still access that amazing feature?

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ma, 27 maart 2017 01:30:47

cont, Aboriginals. The fact is that educated people also now state: ”if you are caucasian, Asian, or of European background, you are considered an immigrant or an original settler”. Australian, is only titular, it is not a definition of caucasian Australian or otherwise. However, this racist piece of shit, has in personal messages made very racist remarks about Italians and other Europeans, without having ever set foot out? of Australia. He is typical of convicts Aussies..cont

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za, 25 maart 2017 19:20:21

224На Западе полным полно историй как неизвестный в дрянном костюме, но с речью образованного человека делает карьеру.“Речь” – это следующий шаг после “ботинок”. Тоже “фингерпринт”. Подделать, правда, труднее на порядки – целые “пигмалионы” на эту тему сочиняют.21

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za, 25 maart 2017 11:16:57

Thank you for sharing your accomplishments, very impressive! Your running and this blog is such a motivation for me. I'm a Canadian prairie runner, so I don't see a lot of elevation in my running, and hearing about your mountain trail running experiences is awesome.